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 One of my clients was (told she was) overdue and becoming increasingly nervous about the fact. Unless a baby is conceived by artificial or in vitro fertilization, or the couple chart basal body temperatures and see ovulation occur, it is almost impossible to predict the exact date of conception and then calculate the due date. We are actually changing the term at this time from Due Date to Guess Date. In the past, doctors have induced babies rather routinely that were still not showing

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An Amish Birth

While we were living in Wisconsin in the mid 1980s I attended several Amish births. The Amish don’t use modern farm equipment, electricity, or indoor plumbing, and also don’t have telephones, much less computers, email, iPods, or things like that. So, when a baby announces his or her imminent arrival, the mother has to first locate Pa somewhere on the farm, get the children to grandma and grandpa’s doddy haus, (Amish dialect for a grandparents’ apartment, often built onto the

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Call the Doula!

Doula, pronounced DOO-la, originated from the Ancient Greek word meaning servant to women; a non-medical person who assists a woman, her partner and/or family before, during, or after childbirth providing information and physical and emotional support. Continuous support during labor by doulas is associated with improved maternal and fetal outcomes and other benefits.            It was a circus; hardly a birth. Bah is 14. I put this into context this way: her parents were married at 15; life expectancy in

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What a midwife should not do: A lesson in destroying bonding.

I was in midwifery training, doing an internship on the Texas – Mexico border at a clinic in 1989. There were 7 of us in my class. I had been a lay midwife working in Wisconsin among some of the Plain settlements there. The rural Midwest is known for its Amish, Mennonite and Hutterian colonies scattered throughout the countryside. This population in particular was very much under-served medically, for a whole combination of reasons. At the same time it became

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Doula. a poem

Doula We dance when all the world is asleep Down long corridors, Hallways lit by moonlight. The full moon our only witness To this soundless dance. The waves* the metronome we dance to, Calling him to come To be with us here. We love you so Come dance with us little one. Come see moon and stars Waiting, too Silently waiting For this Night of nights This Night chosen from all eternity for your birth. For Wyatt November 4, 2012

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